Meet Tierra's Resident Hot Rodder and Historic Vehicle Specialist: Archaeologist Jeff Jones

jeff with orange truck

We profiled Tucson-based Cultural Resources Field Director Jeff Jones and his love of vintage vehicles and historic hot rods for the latest issue of Tierra's quarterly newsletter. Sign up for Tierra's newsletter to have it delivered directly to your inbox!

When vintage cars are found during archaeological surveys, Tierra's Jeff Jones is the guy to call. Jones has been working in archaeology for nearly three decades, but for more than five, he's been restoring vintage cars and modernizing them into speed demons with kick. He knows everything you ever wanted to know about cars and can build one from the chassis up. The older, the better-he sees right past the rust-and he's bought, rebuilt, and sold dozens of near-goners to prove it.

Jeff's uncle was a hot-rodder and machinist who built racecar suspensions for a living in Modesto, California. That's hundreds of miles from Buckeye, Arizona, the small town where Jeff was born and raised, but Jeff was around him enough to acquire solid skills working on cars, both by watching and by doing.

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