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Jennifer Hushour, Tierra's Senior Project Manager for cultural resource work in our Shoreline, Washington, branch, has been named a District 5 Commissioner for the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission! 

The members of the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission are all local County residents representing a particular discipline related to historic preservation. Commissioners are chosen as representatives based on their ability to represent their particular expertise, whether it’s architecture, local history, law, real estate, or archaeology. The goal of the commission, as outlined in its Mission Statement, is to “identify, preserve, and protect significant historic and archaeological properties that celebrate the rich history of Snohomish County.” They accomplish this through a number of initiatives, including developing educational programs and tools, maintaining a local register of historic places, and providing special tax incentives for citizens who rehabilitate historic buildings or properties. 

As a Commissioner, Jennifer will have a number of duties over the next three years. Chief among these are nominating local properties for the Snohomish County Register of Historic Places and developing programs to promote public involvement in preservation efforts. Commissioners also provide design review services for local projects that may impact historic properties or the historic landscape of Snohomish County, as well as reviewing applications for historic preservation tax benefits related to private projects. 

For interested citizens, the Commission meets on the third Tuesday of every month, and the public is welcome to attend. Tierra is very proud of Jennifer and her contribution to the Snohomish County community, and we’re confident her expertise will be a great help to the Commission!