Cultural Resources Inventory for the Escudilla East Landscape Restoration Project

 NM Escudilla 1

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service contracted Tierra to conduct an intensive cultural resources inventory of five discrete units totaling 882 acres within a portion of the Apache National Forest administered by the Gila National Forest (GNF). 

The GNF was evaluating alternatives developed through the National Environmental Policy Act for fuel reduction and habitat improvement within the Escudilla East Landscape Restoration planning area and solicited the survey in order to determine if significant cultural resources were present that could be adversely impacted by various proposed treatments, including the harvesting of large-diameter trees with the aid of heavy machinery, hand-thinning of vegetation, and prescribed burning to reduce the risk of wildfires. Tierra’s survey resulted in the identification of 10 new and 21 previously recorded archaeological sites, as well as 50 isolated occurrences. Tierra successfully mobilized a field crew of six within two weeks of receiving the Notice to Proceed and submitted a final report less than four months later.