Twin Peaks–Blue Bonnet Gravity Sewer Design/Build Project

HPIM3656 new

Tierra is working with the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department to expedite a new wastewater pipeline to be located along Twin Peaks Road in Pima County. This effort includes three phases, the first of which is an expedited design and clearance process required to occur within a five-month timeframe. A team of engineers, Right of Way Agents, environmental consultants, members of the public, and Pima County staff are working cooperatively to make this project a reality.

Tierra performed right of way negotiations for the first segment of this project (approximately 5 miles of proposed pipeline) under a separate contract with Pima County. As part of this analysis, Tierra has analyzed project design plans for adherence to Pima County environmental regulations, Clean Water Act Section 404, the Endangered Species Act, and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Tierra has worked with the project design engineers to adaptively modify the design to expedite project clearance. For the first phase, we have been able to meet the project schedule and limit costly mitigation, restricting fees to standard mitigation for limited loss of native vegetation and vegetation of interest to private parties. Tierra’s Right of Way staff secured all Temporary Construction Easements in 90 days as needed for construction of Segment 2 of the project. As a subconsultant to EEC, Inc., Tierra has conducted an Endangered Species Assessment, Native Plant Inventory, and Preliminary jurisdictional delineation (JD). Under Tierra’s On-Call Cultural Resources contract with Pima County, Tierra conducted a Class III cultural resources assessment of the project area.

Tierra is currently working on the second and third phases of this project, which will be implemented between 2019 and 2020. These phases will include additional resource agency consultation, including Arizona State Land Department and more extensive cultural resources mitigation.